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The wine, which harmonises our aura.



Juhfark is the flagship of Somlo wine region and of our wine cellar. The traditional and late-harvest nectar has a strong acidic character. Thanks to the healthy grapes the wine has a rich aroma, crisp mouth feel. The mineral smell and taste of the volcanic soil is noticeably present, and even dominates the wine at the fi rst smell and taste. Thanks to oak aging the wine is full-bodied, fi ery, acidic, but perfectly harmonious. The long-term, 8 months aging is very advantageous for the wine. The long term aging is essential for the development of the harmony in this wine variety. After fi lling the wine we have to wait a bit until it opens and all flavors appear. This wine shows the potential of our winery, the capabilities of winery in the Somlo region and especially the excellence of the variety.
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