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The wine, which harmonises our aura.




Varkapitany is a handcrafted winery. Our wines are full-bodied and fiery. Thank to thevolcanic soil of Somlo Hill the wine has a mineral taste and aroma, which is similar to fire stone. We prefer the natural stabilization, which takes place automatically during the aging in oak barrels for one year, so the least taste and odors will be removed from the wine. We have four traditional storage wine cellars, Attila cellar, Marton cellar, Nandor cellar, and our central cellar, the Turul cellar, which is several hundred years old. Above this cellar is located our property designed by the famous Kossuth Prize-winning architect Imre Makovecz where we established a country guesthouse for wine tourism. We would like to preserve the cultural heritages and the natural values of the region. The Turul cellar has a speciality, because the wine bottles stored in this cellar take over the vibrations of this unique cellar. This strengthens the positive physiological effects of the wine of Somlo region.

The wines of Varkapitany winery are handcrafted wines made from selected grapes of Somlo that are made by traditional technology. Following the traditions fermentation and aging are performed in oak barrels. In order to get the character of the region and wine type, the wine mash is soaked in the press. As a result have our wines gold-yellow and greengold colours. Our winery produces the traditional types of Somlo, such as: Juhfark, Furmint, Italian Riesling and other types like Traminer and Yellow Muscatel. These wines have also the delicacy of the typical mineral aromas and fl avors. The minerality of these wines appears so that some salty characters can be discovered in certain types and vintage. Joy of fruit characters, richness with crisp acids, natural purity of fl avors, the elegance of the body complete our wines.

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