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The wine, which harmonises our aura.



photo of aura
before wine consumption

photo of aura
after wine consumption

Our world is permeated throughout by vibrations. These appear at different levels and different frequencies. Energy fields surrounding us can be positive, negative and neutral. Before appearing of the physical illnesses the energy disturbances can be detected on our energy body (aura) Protection of our energy body contributes to the preservation of our medical condition.

Our central wine cellar, the several hundred years old Turul cellar, has a unique positive vibration. Wines stored in this cellar and also our guest house takes over this vibration. Wines bottles are stored by Várkapitány winery in the central Turul cellar for 2 months, which results that bottles take over the unique positive vibrations of the cellar. Consumption of this wine changes the color of our energy body, harmonizes our energy input points, which is also clearly visible on the aura photos. After drinking of the wine our energy body will be charged. With a regular, moderate wine consumption we can keep our energy body in balance.

This unique vibration can be experienced on-site.

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