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The wine, which harmonises our aura.



The Somlo wine region is the smallest wine-growing region, in Hungary. With its 600 hectares covers this region 1% of the Hungarian wine-growing areas. Due to the uniquemicroclimate and soil conditions of Somlo Hill this area is one of the highest qualityHungarian wine-producing regions. Varkapitany (Captain of the Castle) winery was foundedin 2007 by Tibor Csaki. Wine production started on the north side of the hill at the foot ofthe ruins of Somlo Castle. The land with a few hectares has increased up to 16 hectaresup to now. Our areas can be found scattered around the mountain, which makes the dailywinemaking more difficult, but has a positive impact on the quality of our wines. Our winery isthe largest winery in the northern part of Somlo Hill.

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