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The wine, which harmonises our aura.



Accommodation Offers:
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 Day of arrival:     Number of nights:     Number of adults:
 Day of check out:     Children aged between 0-6:     Children aged between 6-14:
1. floorDiscounts:
suite for 4 persons  Single*:Child*:Loyalty*:
apartman with view from the balcony for 4 persons  Single*:Child*:Loyalty*:
room with view from the balcony for 2 personssparebed:Single*:Child*:Loyalty*:
room with view for 2 personssparebed:Single*:Child*:Loyalty*:
2. floor
forest room for 2 persons  Single*:Child*:Loyalty*:
junior room for 2 persons  Single*:Child*:Loyalty*:
apartman with 3 rooms with view for 5 personssparebed:Single*:Child*:Loyalty*:
room with view from the balcony for 2 personssparebed:Single*:Child*:Loyalty*:
*Single: 1 adult alone or 1 adult + 1 child aged between 0-6
*Child: Child between 6 and 14 years, in case of apart from adults
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Yes, I want wine tasting too.

Day of Wine Tasting (for an appointment):
Number of guests:
Our offer more than 6 person:
 with wine-biscuit (4500 HUF/person)
 with hot meal (6000 HUF/person)
 According to the vintner offers
 or you choose (up to 5 types)
Our Offer above 6 people:

The price of the wine consumed locally applies: 2,500 HUF/bottle. Meals oby agreement.

The duration of the tasting: 1.5-2 hours.
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